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"KinderMourn became our solace, a place to feel safe even at our darkest moment…to share our tears and anguish and to ultimately find peace and hope."

“Kindermourn and grief therapy are medicine for your heart to feel better. There‘s no medicine for grief to go away but through talking with others we can heal.”

“It was helpful to know that this was my grief and I could do with it what I chose. Talking helped pull me out of my quiet zone and the group made strangers into a family.”


To schedule an appointment, please call 704.376.2580.

The most profound sense of loss parents can feel is to experience the death of a child. The sadness is overwhelming and often parents are thrust into an all-pervasive grief affecting every aspect of their lives.


KinderMourn provides a safe haven for bereaved parents and services are available regardless of the cause of death or age of the child. Support groups, individual counseling and bereavement workshops are examples of the many services available to provide comfort, empathy, understanding, and hope. 


Parents interested in learning more about KinderMourn are invited to schedule an initial visit with a counselor. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call our office at 704-376-2580. There is no charge for the initial visit and fees for additional services are based on a sliding fee scale.  Scholarships are available for those experiencing financial stress.



“For KinderMourn I am thankful, for this is where we remember our children. We would like to forget the horror of their deaths, but to forget their deaths, any more than forget their precious memories, is not within our power. So we come together at KinderMourn to not only seek support in surviving this nightmare but to remember.”

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