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For more information, please call 704.376.2580.

Presentations & Workshops

KinderMourn offers a variety of educational programs for those working with and supporting grieving parents and children or any group wishing to learn more about KinderMourn. Informative presentations to those in the medical community, youth service organizations, schools, and faith-based communities help participants better understand and address the grief journey.


Below are a few examples of workshops that we offer. Topics may be combined based on needs and the audience’s objectives. If you would like to schedule a presentation, discuss a workshop idea, or if you are interested in touring the KinderMourn house, please call KinderMourn at 704.376.2580.

Helping Children and Teens Cope with Grief

This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of childhood developmental stages as they relate to a child’s response to death and how to provide safe outlets for kids to express their thoughts and feelings.

When Grief Strikes at School

This presentation addresses issues that arise after death impacts a student, a classroom or a school. Includes practical information about the nature of grief and the importance of acknowledging and supporting the grieving student.

School Outreach

Although we do not offer crisis intervention or assistance, KinderMourn is able to provide staff trainings and in-services for school administrators, counselors and teaching staff, in addition to our Helping The Hurt grief counseling services.

Staff development presentations include the following topics*:

  • Childhood and Teen Grief: Its Distinctions and How to Respond as Counselors/School Staff

  • Grief in the Classroom: How Teachers Can Best Support Bereaved Students


*Training topics can also be customized based upon a school or agencies specific needs.

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