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To schedule an appointment, please call 704.376.2580.

For parents, the death of a baby at any time during pregnancy or shortly after birth is devastating. Many times, even our most sensitive friends and family do not know how to respond to this loss. To facilitate the normalcy of emotions and fears, KinderMourn offers individual counseling and support groups for those who have experienced the death of a baby from early pregnancy through newborn death.

Parents interested in learning more about KinderMourn are invited to schedule an initial visit with a counselor. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call our office at 704.376.2580. There is no charge for the initial visit and fees for additional services are based on a sliding scale. Scholarships are available for those experiencing financial stress.



A Parent's Story

Eight months into my first pregnancy, I was faced with a reality that no mother or family should ever have to experience. What was such a seemingly healthy pregnancy had taken a bad turn, and in a matter of minutes, the dreams and hopes we had been building for our child, were taken from us. Our son, Nathan Lawrence Bennett, was delivered stillborn on Dec. 2, 2008.


The days that followed were filled with isolation, fear and confusion, as my husband and I tried to work to understand why and how this could have happened. I remember how agonizing it was just to get out of bed and try and make it through the day. Something as simple as going to the grocery store felt like conquering Mount Everest.


Within several months, we joined KinderMourn’s Empty Arms support group, where other couples who had also experience a loss of a baby came to share and support one another. Our counselors guided us through many weeks of ups and downs –  sorting through our heartache with hard talks, and gave us the courage to not only examine our grief, but also, the ability to look towards the future. These sessions also taught my husband and I how to communicate our needs, and ultimately, understand and respect our differences in how we approached our grief.


Today, I am convinced I am stronger and healthier because of Kindermourn. I feel “whole” again and I know it’s largely due to KinderMourn’s first-class programming, staff, and its 'open arms' approach. KinderMourn tackles one of the toughest types of crisis a family or individual can face, and we are so fortunate to have them in our community.

– Elizabeth Bennett, Nathan’s Mom

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