Kelly Hamilton, MDHL

Executive Director

Kelly leads the KinderMourn organization as Executive Director, a post she has held since 1992.  Kelly is responsible for executive management, as well as the development, oversight, and evaluation of all KinderMourn staff, programs, and activities. You can reach her at kelly@kindermourn.org.

Sarah Porter

Development Director

Sarah is responsible for securing funds to support Kindermourn's mission. If you are interested in getting involved with Kindermourn through making a financial donation or wanting to host a snack drive or anything in between, contact Sarah. You may reach her at sarah@kindermourn.org.

Michelle Goins, MSW, LCSW, CATP

Clinical Director

Michelle provides counseling and oversees all KinderMourn offerings for grieving parents, including individual counseling, quarterly workshops, and Empty Arms, a special program for parents who have lost a baby from pregnancy through newborn. She also oversees the clinical management of all services provided by KinderMourn. You can reach her at michelle@kindermourn.org.

Kaela O'Donnell, MSW, LCSWA

Children and Teen Program Coordinator

Kaela counsels grieving children and teens through individual sessions and group support. She oversees and coordinates all groups pertaining to KinderMourn's Children and Teens Program. You can reach her at kaela@kindermourn.org.

Tonya Ganzert, M.Ed

Program Therapist

Tonya counsels grieving parents, children and teens through individual sessions and group support. Tonya is also a Helping The Hurt group facilitator. You can reach her at tonya@kindermourn.org.

Brooke Yates, MSW, LCSWA

Helping the Hurt Coordinator

Brooke is the point of contact for KinderMourn's Helping the Hurt school outreach program and coordinates KinderMourn's community outreach services. Contact Brooke at brooke@kindermourn.org.