Grieving with Hope . . .

A four-week educational seminar for grieving parents



KinderMourn is offering a four-week educational seminar for grieving parents. The seminar is open to any parent whose child has died regardless of the age of the child or the cause of death. Registration for the seminar is required and attendance for all four weeks is highly recommended. There is no fee for the seminar; however, donations are always appreciated. 


To register, email Michelle Goins:



Week One - Understanding Grief

The intensity of grief after the loss of a child can be a frightening experience. This evening will focus on a wide range of emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual responses to grief after a child’s death.


Week Two - Managing Relationships with Others

Managing our relationship with family members, friends, co-workers, and others can be extremely difficult when we are grieving. Each person grieves differently and responds in his/her own way. This evening will focus on how we can be authentic to our needs, set healthy boundaries and better communicate with others.


Week Three - Parents Helping Parents

A panel of KinderMourn alumni parents will offer support on how to navigate the “New Normal”.


Week Four - What Do We Do Now?

How do we look towards the future? How do we live with hope, set expectations, care for self and others and plan for special days (birthdays, anniversary dates), How do we honor our children while continuing to move forward?

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