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Helping the Hurt

"This group is vitally important to the social-emotional well being of those scholars at our elementary school who are suffering in silence because they've lost a loved one. . . KinderMourn is one of the BEST experiences that could happen to our scholars...and it's free! Thanks to all of the donors for making this possible!" - School Counselor at Tuckaseegee Elementary

Helping the Hurt, KinderMourn's community-based grief support program, is offered at no charge in Charlotte-Mecklenburg & Fort Mill school districts. HTH provides a safe place for children to share their thoughts and feelings with other children who are also grieving after the death of a family member or close friend. HTH also supports an additional 700 students during the summer through a partnership with Freedom School Partners & the YWCA. During the 2018-19 school year, 465 students from 61 area schools participated in our school-based program.

As important as numbers and statistics are, Helping The Hurt touches the hearts of grieving students and makes a difference in the lives of those who have learned all to young the pain of having a loved one die.

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At the end of the this year's program, a third grade student whose father passed away from kidney failure shared, "This is an amazing group! It has helped me feel so much better!" Another student, a fourth grader whose sister had died, shared "I like the KM group because it helps me think of better ways to cope. And I got to meet others with the same issues and I like talking to them."

A fifth grade student from Merry Oaks Elementary School whose parent overdosed on opioids, “This group was helpful in fun and serious ways. You will really benefit from it.”

A seventh grade student from James Martin Middle School whose brother was murdered, “This group helped me relieve stress and it helped me become more resilient.”

A fifth grader at Bain Elementary School shared after her dad died of alcohol poisoning, “Before being in this group I knew that I wasn’t alone, BUT I felt SO lonely. Finding other 5th graders to relate to has really helped.”


A student at Hough High School shared this after her father died of brain cancer, “This KM group is great. It helps you speak out about your loved one who died. It’s private and it’s always safe. It helped me feel more confident.”

To learn more about Helping the Hurt, contact Alex Bacon at

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