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Andrew's Duckies

Our first child, Andrew, was born still on September 7th, 2011, just six weeks before his due date. The most exciting time in our lives changed in an instant. The overwhelming grief that followed proved to be too much to navigate on our own and two months after his passing, my husband and I decided to reach out to KinderMourn for help.


The counselors in our Empty Arms program gave us the support and guidance we needed to begin the impossibly difficult path of moving forward after the loss of a child. One of the most valuable aspects of this program for us was to be able to gather with other couples who had also experienced this devastating loss. We are truly thankful for the connections we made with those families in our program, and we consider them part of our family nearly 11 years later.

“Andrew’s Duckies” has been racing the rapids in the Hope Floats Duck Race since 2012. We attend the race every year to remember our angel and to support KinderMourn, this special place that gave us HOPE during the darkest time in our lives. We cannot think of a better way to honor our son than to give back to this wonderful organization so they can continue to give HOPE to those after us who have also experienced an unthinkable loss.


Thank you to Kristie and Tim for sharing their story.

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